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Uncle Barb's

"Life was cruel and hilarious
all at once."

- Sandra Cisneros -


Cairo Time

Patricia Clarkson

I can’t believe I’m about to trash a Christine Vachon vehicle for Patricia Clarkson. Vachon is high up on my idol list and I could watch Clarkson for hours with the sound off.

However, Cairo Time, while providing the scenery without dialogue, had as its backdrop a culture I find repugnant. The whole thing skeezed me out.

That Clarkson’s character Juliet was attracted to anything around her was frankly unbelievable. If the filmmakers wanted to convince me of a magnetic attraction, they needed some dialogue to go with it. The mismatched couple longingly gazing at each other through pose after pose was just boring.

I did like the ending though. Just before Juliet and her husband Mark walk arm and arm towards the pyramids, she lies to him. I found that immensely entertaining.

3.5 stars for Clarkson and Vachon without them it would have been a 2.0 star film

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