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Uncle Barb's

Heterosexuals at Gay Events who feel compelled to announce they are "straight" really piss me off.

-Uncle Barb-


10 Books in 10 Minutes Facebook Trivia

This is a quick one — don't take too long to think about it. Ten books
you've read that will always stick with you. List the first 10 you can
recall in no more than 10 minutes, put it into your own Note (navigate
to Notes in your Profile and then click on +Write a New Note), then tag
me on your list. Doesn't have to be in order, doesn't even have to be
your favorite 10...

Little House Series, Laura Ingalls Wilder
Crime& Punishment, Dostoevesky
Middlemarch, Mary Anne Evans (George Elliot)
Women's Reality, Ann Wilson Schaef
Being & Nothingness, Jean Paul Sartre
The Color Purple, Alice Walker
Ruby Fruit Jungle, Rita Mae Brown
Original Sin, Lisa Alther
The Waves, Virginia Wolfe
Hanta Yo, Ruth Bebe Hill


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