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I was under medication when I made the decision to burn the tapes.

-Richard Nixon-


Falling in love with the movies, a list

 I never met my grandfather, Harry Russell Stern, but his legend infused me with an attraction to film that has lasted a lifetime.

* Truthfully, anything by Hitchcock, a master and genius of film.

1. The Mouse that Roared (1959): One of the earliest films I remember seeing in the theater probably for 10 RC Cola caps. I was captured by allegory and satire.

2. Where the Boys Are (1960): "Hold on Yvette, I will save you". I was madly in love with Yvette Mimeux and furious with Paula Prentiss for only half heartedly trying to help the damsel in distress. If I was Paula, I would have saved her.

3. The Group (1966) based on Mary McCarthy's snide novel. It was poorly reviewed and a bit drawn out, but Candice Bergin's character has an affair with another woman, at the time enough for me.

4. Barbarella (1968): The funniest, sexiest movie I had ever seen and it is still one of the tops.

5. Young Man with a Horn (1950): Lauren Bacall leaves Kirk Douglas for a
woman? I almost fainted with epiphany. A riveting movie.

6. Nashville (1975): An epic for our times, I was glued to my seat. Repeated viewings have held up, it is still one of the all time greats.

7. Fanny and Alexander (1982): I jumped into this film and lived there much in the way a good novel draws you in.  My other favorite Bergman's are The Devil's Eye (1960) and Cries and Whispers (1972).

8. Dark Habits (1983): Almodovar rocked my world, exploded cinema, made that huge (r)evolutionary jump in film that Marquez had made in literature. Here was an artist that used absurdism in a realistic context, so unlike other post modern works, stark and unrelated. I totally appreciate every one of his films.

9. Entres Nous (1983): Historical drama at its best and women loving women in cultural context, this film was forerunner to such great films as November Moon, Tipping the Velvet and Four Minutes.

10. Desert Hearts (1985): I will be in love with Helen Shaver forevermore. Seeing Desert Hearts for the first time on a big screen in the heart of Philadelphia was thrilling.  We had taken our place in the larger culture. The theater was filled with elated lesbians and so were the small bars afterwards. It was a joyous night.

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