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Uncle Barb's

"...then she turned head over heels three times, lazily enough to show off the crack in her bum."

- Angela Carter -



OMG the acting was so bad! I wanted to slap Julian Sands and just ignore Hugh Grant. Mandy Patinkin was over the top even for Mandy Patinkin. The supporting cast was a relief and admirable in the face of so much schmaltz. Emma Thompson's character called for the schmaltz, but only hers alone. Bernadette Peters and Judy Davis were stalwart, but surely they wanted to slap Julian Sand as much as I did.

It was a fascinating time and all the characters led fascinating real lives. The muddling story of Impromptu lost the artistic passion and became buffoonery.  I think people gave high praise for the film it could have been rather than the shambles that it is.


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