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First woman says "What is the point of Mulholland Drive?" Second woman replies,"Lesbians should make their own films." -


Indiewire List of 43 Great LGBT Films

My list of GREAT LGBTQ films would include Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Beautiful Launderette and When Night Is Falling. Yes, Indiewire has committed a sin of omission, but that said, the list is quite good.Oh, except they missed the mark on the stellar international films like His Secret Life, Undertow and XXY. They've included Zero Patience by one of my favorite directors, John Greyson (Lillies, Urinal), so they get some love from me there. Only wish there had been room on that list for Entres Nous and Ma Vie En Rose.

Indiewire's Great 43 (42 & a joke) is a good starting point if you don't know anything about LGBTQ films and a jaunt down memory lane for the more informed.

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