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"...then she turned head over heels three times, lazily enough to show off the crack in her bum."

- Angela Carter -


Kids Are All Right

Nic and Jules

I thoroughly enjoyed The Kids Are All Right, even though I didn't expect to like it. The buzz about the lapse into heterosexuality made me dubious, but damn, it was so realistic and so human that I didn't get disgusted. Every time Jules (Julianne Moore) said "I'm gay!", I would laugh. Jules was such a dork and wonderfully portrayed by Moore.

Annette Benning as Nic was a bit stiff, but ultimately lovable. Mark Ruffalo as the bio-dad was very good. His confusion and delusion about being in love with Jules was another human touch by Cholodenko that made the film real. The children, Mia Wasikowska as Joni and Josh Hutcherson as Laser, were great displaying the love/hate of teenagers for their parents. The sex scenes between Benning and Moore were pretty awful.

As the final credits rolled, my partner, Teri said, "You have to be lesbian to get the male/male porn reference." And sure enough, the first thing my straight friend said about the film was "what was up with that gay porn?" Jules tried to explain to the kids and came close, but didn't quite explain the phenomena. Lesbians like gay porn because it is so "sexual" (period) dirty feelings of exploitation, hidden agendas, mixed emotional cues, nada. It is all about sex which is something two women might find difficult to find in any other kind of porn.

Lisa Cholodenko has achieved Hollywood acceptance with Laurel Canyon and now The Kids..., but High Art is still my favorite of her films. I will be ever grateful to her for introducing me to Patricia Clarkson.


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