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Uncle Barb's

"Oh, you exquisite little tart!"

- Sarah Waters -


Lauren Bacall

Captivating Lauren Bacall won my heart as a teenager.

My attraction to the reserved, self-confident and aware type has repeated itself over the years. Perhaps Bacall was one of the first. The photo here looks to be from the early 50s when one of my all-time favorite films, Young Man with a Horn hit the big screen. 

Kirk Douglas is the Young Man in love with the shrew played by Bacall, Amy North. His promising career and life are shattered by her controlling, self-serving ways. Ultimately, Amy leaves the Young Man for another woman. Scenes from the black and white screen of my parent's television were vividly planted in my 13 year old brain. For me Young Man with a Horn with Lauren Bacall is epic. I understand that it is an exceptionally well made, acted, photographed film too. 

(In the early 90's I turned a NYC corner and almost bowled down Lauren Bacall. Luckily, I am dyke enough to be gallant and avoided the crash, although I wouldn't have minded holding her.)


I just put Young Man with a Horn in my Netflix queue. Never saw it.

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