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There are only two mantras,
yum and yuck, mine is yum.

-Tom Robbins-


Loose Canons 'Mine vaganti'

Loose Canons, Ozpetek Scamarcio

Ozpetek delivers another gem.

Loose Canons is as light and fluffy as a rom-com, but made substantial and reflective through art. I just loved this film.

Ozpetek, like Almodovar understands women. They give us fully realized humans instead of props, even when the protagonists are male. In fact, none of Ozpetek's actors are background. They all offer something humanly relateable and soulful. 

Ozpetek in particular focuses on straight women loving gay men. This projection and identification seems to be a metaphor for the purity of unattainable love? The connundrum of loving someone unattainable certainly seems to be the POV of the director.

I certainly rank Ozpetek in the top five filmmakers working today. He is fuckin' brilliant.


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