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Uncle Barb's

Heterosexuals at Gay Events who feel compelled to announce they are "straight" really piss me off.

-Uncle Barb-


Mary-Lou ("Tamid oto chalom" ) 2009

Mary Lou

Eytan Fox is the director of 2 of my favorite films, Walk on Water and The Bubble, so I have been anticipating Mary Lou with much excitment. Truthfully, I didn't see much of Fox' talent in this piece, only that he worked the television format in expected ways. I viewed Mary-Lou all at once which was perhaps unfair, because it was created as a segmented, four part series. The music that I at first found beautiful and interesting became repetitive and tiresome by the end.  Eytan Fox, however, remains in my good graces as one of the most important filmmakers of our times.  This is an important piece, a television document of gay lives in Israel, and it is groundbreaking.

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