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"Oh, you exquisite little tart!"

- Sarah Waters -


Rough Music

Rough Music by Patrick Gale

A graceful book about family life. Patrick Gale delivers the complexities and nuance of relationships in describing the life of this family, so carefully built and beautifully flawed. I experienced the true measure of my immersion in the book when I began thinking in a British accent.

Julian/Will is well into adulthood when he finally reveals that he is gay. Partly he has withheld this information because of his long term relationship with his brother-in-law, Sandy. His sister Poppy has no idea and isn't really his sister. Will's aging parents are in need of care and companionship. His mother's Alzheimer's is progressing and his father is stalwart, but with a secret life of his own. The mysterious, gorgeous stranger living on the beach changes everything for Will.

Rough Music was an enjoyable, thoughtful read and I will seek out Patrick Gale's other books looking for more of the same.


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