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Uncle Barb's

"Oh, you exquisite little tart!"

- Sarah Waters -



Sasha's family is living in Germany, although they are originally from Montenegro and they have brought their culture with them. On the surface, SASHA is a coming-out story, but the film is composed to be a slice of life in a diverse world. It is not just Sasha's story. His mother and father are not props for counterpoint, they are large as life characters with their own stories.  Every character is brought to life by writer-director, Dennis Todorovic and they are endearingly human. Jiao and Boki are adorable. I empathize with Stanska and Vlado.  

SASHA (stupid Americans can't even spell it right, SASCHA) is one of those great surprises when ordinary blossoms to art.

Spoiler: When Vlado accidentally shot Boki, he eradicated the devil tattoo. Just one of the little touches that made this film a gem.


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