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Uncle Barb's

Heterosexuals at Gay Events who feel compelled to announce they are "straight" really piss me off.

-Uncle Barb-


Those Crazy Oscars

THE OSCARS: Billy Crystal called it "rich people giving golden
statues to each other" and that is about it. What a mixed up, messed up, collection of elitist bullshit.

I finally saw Les Mis well most of it except for the parts when I wandered out of the room. Are you kidding me, Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for that role? She was chosen over Sally Field in Lincoln? Oy Vey, make a pretty girl unkept and it wins an Oscar. Les Mis itself was the most monotone opera I have ever heard. And Russell Crowe? I cringed everytime he sang and I was so happy when he plunged to his death. That was quite a scene, wasn't it?, his
body brutally broken on the shelf of the dam. Eww.

I enjoyed many of the films this season: Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, Lindcoln, I even appreciated The Sessions, but none of them are cinematic landmarks. Enjoyable is one thing, superlative and gold statue worthy is another.

Seems that I rarely agree with the Oscar Awards, so why would this year be any different?

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