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Uncle Barb's

There are only two mantras,
yum and yuck, mine is yum.

-Tom Robbins-


The Turtle Girl from East Pukapuka

The Turtle Girl from East Pukapuka

Butter is a six year old Pacific Islander who cares for wounded creatures; Dante is a hot-shot downhill racer; Jesus Dooby runs a scavaging barge; Ratu & Jope are pirates and Abilone is a cannibal. All these characters meet and while it is not always pretty, it is pretty entertaining. I quite enjoyed the ride.

Alpaugh reminds me of James Morrow with more gore and explosions. He has created a fairy tale with mythic figures and classic characters; and an assumptive logic to the cosmos that allows him to end the story without tying everything up with a bow. The Turtle Girl from East Pukapuka made me laugh and made me cringe, but most importantly it made me think about the world order and how to spend the time we are here.


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