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"...then she turned head over heels three times, lazily enough to show off the crack in her bum."

- Angela Carter -


Why I love Scotty Bradley

Greg Herren

Greg Herren's wild tales about Scotty Bradley make me happy. The alternative lifestyle, meaning a relationship triad, is not rationalized, analyzed by common morals, presented as anything but a loving and complicated family. Scotty and Frank and Colin are who they are and it is wonderful and sexy and complicated but never justified or judged.

Vieux Carre Voodoo continues the adventurous tale of Scotty 'Milton' Bradley's life in New Orleans. It picks up where we left off in Mambo Mardi Gras, Scotty and Frank feel betrayed by Colin and his part in their last adventure. They are moving on ... Frank is becoming a television wrestler and Scotty is still trying to decide whether to do his go-go performances again.

One would assume that I would most closely associate with the lesbian landlords or the the lesbian ninjas, but actually I most identify with Scotty's Mom, the free thinking, hippie proprietress of The Devil's Weed. The only differences, that I'm neither an heiress or a heterosexual, are minor in this context.

I save unread copies of Herren's series for special occasions, like when I'm so overloaded with the terrible shit out there and need to escape to a world that is complicated but loving, adventurous but supported, dangerous but worth it.


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