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Uncle Barb's

There are only two mantras,
yum and yuck, mine is yum.

-Tom Robbins-


Beautiful People

I’m sure this book has received one too many comparisons to Running With Scissors, so I’ll leave that alone.

Simon Doonan’s memoir is witty, fey and downright depressing. He paints a dreary English landscape in contrast to the glitzy lives of the beautiful people, one of whom he longs to be. Now that the BBC has aired a new series based on this book, methinks he has arrived.

Simon’s epiphany that the people surrounding him were as charming, witty, crazy and unique as the Beautiful Ones wasn’t really surprising. It is a lesson we have all had to learn. His nutzy family is at once attractive and scary. Biddie, his best friend, is a lovable familiar. Simon is obviously a lover and that is what makes this book worthy of your reading time.

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