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Uncle Barb's

"Like any artist without an art form, she became dangerous"

- Toni Morrison (Sula) -





I am hearing more and more tales of seniors in our LGBTQ community, who are in dire straits. I have a few opinions about that.

A generation of people, who broke down barriers, stepped to the front, changed things for our community, are aging and many are without resources. As I listen to the stories, I hear loads of self accusation for not working and plans to get employed to take care of themselves, when frankly, because of age and physical limitations, that is impossible.

My Car's Name is Fern

I take car naming very seriously.

I drive for weeks before settling on the name. This time I was lucky enough to purchase a nice little car from a very lovely person at a super low price.

Alice Austen 1896 Street Types of New York

Alice Austen photograph

Thanks to Dyke Quarterly for leading me to this.

Those Crazy Oscars

THE OSCARS: Billy Crystal called it "rich people giving golden statues to each other" and that is about it. What a mixed up, messed up collection of elitist bullshit.


First, every year it surprises me that I have managed to reach a new marker.

For so long, really since a teenager, I have not been able to project myself much farther into the future than a few months. Here I am at 61, wow, who woulda thought?

Viola Smith

U B O'Gleek

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

GLEE revives the variety show

with music, performance, and comedy expanded into a linear story.

Red Hot Mamma

Red Hot Mamma

The Brox Sisters

Listen to this great recording from Library of Congress

Kate Millett by Alice Neel

Did you know that you can retrieve archival Time covers?

Ventura Pons

Ventura Pons is alive and well and actively making films, although that is hard to verify if you live in the US. 


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